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Liku Education Playmat Korea

I (me) + YOU (you) = we

A brand that dreams of a world where I and You make together

Unlike conventional designs, Rekudesign provides a simple play area for parents and a safe play area for children through an emotional design that shines in any interior.

As much as providing high quality products at a good price, striving to develop materials that are safer and harmless to the environment is a must for our children. We will always do our best to take the lead in improving and solving problems in order to go one step further with eco-friendliness.

LIKU mat allows you to build a safe play space for children and its simple design goes well with any interior, unlike the conventional mat designs.

We believe it is our duty to work harder to develop materials that are safe for children as well as to offer high quality products at good price.

We will always strive to take the lead in overcoming any problems that we may encounter and challenge ourselves to go one step further to contribute to an eco-friendly environment. 


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