Little Etoile

Little Étoile Organic® is the baby of Max Biocare, a proudly Australian owned natural healthcare company since 2000. Specializing in women’s and children’s health, it was a natural progression to welcome baby food to our assembly.

The Little Étoile Organic® team is comprised of research scientists and nutritionists, mothers and fathers, passionate about the health and nourishment of babies and children.

We place enormous value on clean and safe ingredients, nutritional integrity, and organic sustainable ingredients. With these values plus years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, the concept of Little Étoile was born, driven to make life easier for Australian parents without compromising on quality, taste, or nutrition.

Asian Mothers’ perceptions about children’s nutritional milk products


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Max Biocare launches new infant and toddler formula division under Little Étoile brand 

Australian pharma and nutraceutical company Max Biocare has expanded its baby food brand Little Étoile with a new infant and toddler formula range.

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