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Our Company

Our Commitment to Life

At Natura Foods, we know that you base your decisions about your diet on what’s best for your health. That’s why we’re committed to developing and producing soy beverages, rice beverages and almond beverages that are tasty, deliver great quality, and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Our Natur-a product family meets a growing need : to provide you with a healthful alternative to dairy products. And that’s why Natura Foods continues to develop delicious, nutritious, organic health foods and beverages made from plant products.

Natur-a: a gateway to a healthier tomorrow

Our mission is to offer today’s health-conscious consumer tasty, highly nutritious, non-dairy organic foods and beverages at an everyday affordable price.



Our History

  • 2014Nutrisoya officially changes its name to Natura Foods.
    This change represents the growing beyond Soy, for Almond and Rice beverages, which the company produces and markets.
  • 2011Nutrisoya introduced Natur-a Almond beverages.
  • 2010Nutrisoya introduced Natur-a S2 beverages, a healthy fusion of fruit and soy with added prebiotics and vitamin C. It also launched Natur-a Cappuccino in both 200ml and 946 ml formats.
  • 2007Nutrisoya introduced Natur-a Glacé, a line of dairy-free frozen desserts.
  • 2006Nutrisoya expanded its lunchbox mini format family with the addition of Original and Unsweetened flavours.
  • 2005Nutrisoya launched the refrigerated version of its Natur-a soy beverages.
  • 2004Nutrisoya introduced Natur-a Rice Original and Vanilla beverages, made from organic, gluten-free brown rice. It also made Natur-a Soy Strawberry and Vanilla beverages available in lunchbox mini format.
  • 2002Nutrisoya sold its tofu division to focus on developing innovative, non-dairy, plant-based beverages.
  • 2001Nutrisoya launched its Chocolate Soy beverage in lunchbox mini format.
  • 1993Nutrisoya introduced a line of soy beverages in shelf-stable (aseptic) packages, under the Natur-a brand name.
  • 1992Nutrisoya began operations as a manufacturer of pasteurized tofu.







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