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Making great food

We want to give children the best start in life and believe that everybody, no matter how young, deserves to eat well.


No Junk & that's a promise

Our No Junk Promise is our stamp of reassurance that you’ll always find on all our foods.

It’s not a legal or food industry requirement. Instead it’s a challenging set of rules we have created that sits at the heart of our mission to make things better in food for children.

To achieve the best for children we're tough on ourselves and we demand this from others. Why? Because quite simply, we love making things better.



Our food philosophy

When we make our foods, we think about little one’s growing up to be healthy, independent food explorers, and what they will need every step of the way to learn about good food and enjoy each new food adventure.

All our foods are made with real ingredients so food tastes just as it should, and everything we make meets strict regulations to ensure it’s safe for little ones to enjoy.

We also set our own standards based on our experience in children’s nutrition, from what goes in the food, to the portion sizes we recommend, so everything is just right for little ones as they grow and develop.







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