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Caring for your baby is the most fulfilling experience any parent can have. While awaiting the birth, you will naturally look for baby products which will keep your little one safe and healthy.

We found that available playmats were not durable enough especially against scratches from toys!  Thus, we decided to produce our own.

We wanted a playmat that is thick, soft and cushioning; durable and perfect for multipurpose use – for changing diapers, soft on the knees during learning-to-crawl time and anything the little one does on the floor. The playmat must also pass safety standards and be easy to keep clean.

We focused on quality and affordability as we wanted to make this product available to all parents. Good design was critical as we wanted parents to be able to select from a stylish collection of beautiful playmats – lovely, cute, educational and gorgeous carpet-like designs to match any home decor.

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