Roll' Eat


From Roll’eat we aim to reduce the consumption of materials with a high environmental impact, such as aluminum foil or plastic bags. It is the first line of products of the company Marcadiferencia S.L. that started in Barcelona in 2006. The company is specialized in developing promotional products for environmental campaigns in companies and public institutions.

The brand offers creative solutions to single use or throw-away articles, promoting wiser consumption and encouraging environmental education. Under the motto “Reuse and Reenjoy”, its daily use products combine perfectly functionality, design and originality.

Our creativity has forced us to reinvent our world – Why wrap a sandwich, when we can dress it up? Why stick to a boring lunch box, when we have combined the efficiency of a lunch bag and a placemat into a product that can be used and enjoyed multiple times over?
We are committed to promoting wiser consumption by wasting less and reenjoying more!


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