We believe in "Smile, Love, Professional" business spirit; stand in parents' side to create more humane care and technological products. Teach parents the modern baby care knowledge and the correct method of using baby products to fulfill our business mission.

Safety First

For the very first concern of high safety standard, “SIMBA” & “NUTURA” products are carefully designed, produced, and inspected to fulfill every parent's demand  to take good care of their baby.


Our staffs are professional to help parents and offer our professional suggestion and solution.

 Innovated Technology

Combine innovated material with new ergonomic design to create modern baby products with extra product value. Stress on the importance of technological baby nursing concept.

 Health Oriented

“SIMBA” & “NUTURA” are strict on the choices of material, product design, and manufacturing to pursue the best product quality to help every baby to grow healthily.


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