Some of our real customers feedback via email. Unedited content. :)

November 2015 Customer Email Testimonials
"It is my first time buying from Little Baby. The customer service staff is very friendly and is able to answer my questions very well. With 2 babies around with me, it is inconvenient to go shopping. As I need the Joie Aire Twin stroller urgently, Little Baby staff, Daniel helped me to arrange the delivery exactly on the same day! I am very happy with the great service rendered. What's more, it comes with free delivery to my home and $10 off. This save me time and money on transport on travelling. No need to self pick and carry the item from retail store any more. I recommend Little Baby's service to everyone. - Tan Hui Ling, Angela" 

December 2015 Customer Email Testimonials
"Little Baby has a very efficient and flexible delivery timings. As I need to get out of home at 930am for work and there is no one at home all the time, Daniel told me that no other courier delivery can do fixed timing delivery. To my surprise, he deliver my order to me personally at 9am the next working day. Appreciated of the kind gesture and service. Shopping with Little Baby for my baby products is so easy now. Thank you so much. - Christine Lim"

I simply love alpaca hearts! Thank you mr Daniel for your wonderful service. It was out of stock when I tried to make an order and Daniel kindly offered to honor the ongoing discount if I make any back order. As I am caught between choosing designs, Daniel patiently advise me on the actual colours. The shipment he ordered from supplier arrived on 17 December and he immediately deliver it personally to my doorstop on the same day! I am so happy to receive my Tula as I need it urgently on the 18th. And while waiting for my Tula, , I received a heartwarming Xmas greetings card from littlebaby! Execllent service! Best pricing! Definitely will be spreading awesomeness to all my mommie's friend:) - Fenni Leow