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[Bundle] Baby Express Basic

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Not sure what you need? Here is a list of essentials and the 'why you need them'! Because we are breastfeeding mothers too!

Breast Shield 
Must-have, especially for the early days to protect those sensitive tips while saving every precious drop.

Silicone Milk Collector
Handy essential as an alternative when you have cracked or sore nipples.

180ml PPSU Bottles x2
Store your precious liquid gold in this premium, long-lasting bottles.

Silicone Storage Pouch 
Keep your used or cleaned pump parts inside this reusable pouch.

Insulated Storage Bag*
Store your bottles or bags of liquid gold at the bottom and pump parts on top.

Contoured Ice Brick
Keeping breastmilk cool is a must when not yet consumed. Pair with an insulated bag for longer cooling period.

Bottle and Valve Brush
An essential accessory to keep those bottles and pump parts clean.

Items in bundles are fixed and strictly cannot be changed for any other items.
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