Hoppetta Polka Mug Pouch Thermal Bag - Brown

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Hoppetta Polka Mug Pouch Thermal Bag

Hoppetta Polka Mug Pouch Thermal Bag

Both hand mugs and plastic bottles (500 ml) are included, this is a pouch that uses thermal insulation and keeping material. The surface is not soiled by PVC processing, and it can be wiped off quickly even if it gets dirty. The handle can be removed and attached to the stroller or bag. It is a pouch with a pop hue. Mother's child notebook case, stay, apron etc. are also available.  

※ Although black dots may be visible dots on the fabric, it is a part of cotton leaves and stems. It is intended for natural texture. It is natural, so there is no harm.

Designed and Manufacture in Japan

Outside: Cotton 100% (PVC processed)
Inside: heat retention and keeping material

Approximate 21.523cm x 22cm x 9cm

"Polka" is a European folk dance, characterized by light dance. It is a fun series that looks like small motifs are dancing.  
※ Pattern's attitude depends on the product.

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