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Our SBROUT™ is a beautiful 6-in-1 modular furniture piece that will grow with children from the first night at home until late childhood. The gorgeous, Scandi-style SBROUT™ starts as a crib suitable for a newborn to sleep safely up until around 6 months. As the baby grows, the SBROUT™ can be easily adjusted into a space-saving cot suitable for use until around 2 years old. It is especially perfect for the inner city apartments, and tight for space.

With lockable, swivel wheels, the SBROUT™ is easily moved from room to room and once the baby has outgrown the cot, the additional pull-along handle and small wheels turn it into a pull-along toy cart. When the toddler has moved into their bed, the SBROUT™ is easily adjusted into a super cute table and chair, ideal for the little ones to get crafting and creative or their little dining table next to the adults. Following on, the SBROUT™ is easily transformed into a handy shelving system for your child’s bedroom and then into a chair with additional cushions suitable until late childhood.

The SBROUT™ is made from sustainable wood and is otherwise well-known as eco-wood. As a raw material, rubber wood is also known as Asian Oak, as it is durable, strong, tough and resilient. Thus it is very durable and easy to maintain. The parents can easily clean it with just a wet and then a dry cloth will quickly dust off any surface dirt.

There are 5 adjustable heights for SBROUT™ Baby Crib and Mini-Cot. The four sturdy legs can be unscrewed and then screwed to the height the parents are most comfortable with.

Dimensions (Max. Height): 1024 x 544 x 921 mm*
Dimensions (Min. Height): 1024 x 544 x 793 mm*
Max. Floor to Mattress Height: 418 mm
Min. Floor to Mattress Height: 305 mm

Weight: 27.3 kg
*5 Adjustable Heights: 793 – 921 mm

What is included:
Left Assembly
Right Assembly
Leg Simple x 2
Leg with Castor Wheels x 2
Base board x 1
Base Moon Extension Board x 2
Topper Curve x 2
Side Extension x 2
Cushion seat x 1
Toy Cart Caster wheels x 4
(Screws and Fixtures)

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