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Lighted Dental Mirror | & Cleaning Tool | Little Baby.
Lighted Dental Mirror | & Cleaning Tool | Little Baby.
Lighted Dental Mirror | & Cleaning Tool | Little Baby.
Lighted Dental Mirror | & Cleaning Tool | Little Baby.
Lighted Dental Mirror | & Cleaning Tool | Little Baby.

Lighted Dental Mirror | & Cleaning Tool

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    Lighted Dental Mirror | & Cleaning Tool | Little Baby. Lighted Dental Mirror | & Cleaning Tool | Little Baby. Lighted Dental Mirror | & Cleaning Tool | Little Baby. Lighted Dental Mirror | & Cleaning Tool | Little Baby. Lighted Dental Mirror | & Cleaning Tool | Little Baby.

    Product Details


    The squeaky clean feeling you get after seeing your dentist is much easier to maintain if you have the right tools. With our Dental Cleaning Tool & Mirror, you'll have the professional quality tools to help you do the job.

    The stainless steel plaque remover helps you spot missing fillings and cracked teeth, and when coupled with the mirror, makes in-mouth observation seem too easy. See what's causing you pain or claw away at food particles, hidden plaque and tartar that build up around your gums and between your teeth.

    So your teeth will be in much better shape the next time your dentist sees them.


    Dental mirror with super bright light allows you to:
    Observe both your inner and outer, as well as upper and lower, teeth and gums.
    Spot missing fillings or cracked teeth.
    Locate mouth ulcers or items causing pain in your mouth.
    Reveal hidden plaque, accumulated tartar and stains.
    Not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

    Dental cleaning tool with stainless steel head helps you to remove plaque, tartar and food from between teeth.


    Usage Instructions

    Before you begin, engage Light mode on both Dental Mirror and Plaque Remover.

    Press to light up.
    Press again to switch off.
    Unscrew tail end to insert battery.

    Use the Dental Mirror to observe your inner and outer, as well as upper and lower, teeth and gums. Check for:

    Lodged food particles
    Plaque and accumulated tartar
    Sources of mouth pain
    Missing fillings and/or cracked teeth
    Mouth ulcers

    Use the Dental Cleaning Tool to remove food particles, hidden plaque and tartar from between your teeth as follows:

    Method A:
    Place curved metal tip of Dental Cleaning Tool flat against the tooth surface and as close to the gum line as possible. Draw the cleaning tool away from the gum line towards the biting edge of the tooth.
    Method B:
    Placed curved metal tip of Dental Cleaning Tool at the gum line between teeth and gently pull it away from the gum line to remove lodged food and plaque.

    Important Reminders:

    Wash the Cleaning Tool with water and soap after every use. Wipe with alcohol at least once a week.
    Bleeding may occur when first cleaning plaque from between teeth and tooth surfaces. Regular plaque removal should result in a decrease in the incidence of bleeding.
    If bleeding and/or gum soreness persists, consult your dentist as soon as possible.
    Keep out of the reach of children. Not recommended for children
    This item uses AAA batteries

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