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Maxi Maison Mini Me Electric Breast Pump Automatic Double RH688

Mini Me Electric Breast Pump Automatic Double RH688

The NEW ERA of Electric Breast Pump.
This automatic breast pump has a unique design that enables you to maintain a more comfortable milking position. Soft massage cushion design provides soft & warm feeling & can imitate baby's sucking action so that breast milk can flow out quietly, gently & fast. The pump is compact & easy to assemble. All parts can be safely cleaned with the dishwasher. The pump doesn't contain bisphenol A.
Breastfeeding experts say breast milk is the best nutritional food for babies under one year of age. After 6 months of birth, babies can continue breastfeeding & gradually be fed with some supplementary food. Breast milk is especially catered to the baby's needs for it contains antibodies that protect babies from infection & allergies.
Breast pump can help to extend breastfeeding time. Because the pump is compact & secluded when pumping, so you can carry it at any of your convenient time.

It is BPA FREE that is safe and eco-friendly!

Product Feature:
- The breast pump has simulation, massage & pump 3 modes, you can adjust the suction power according to your needs.
- LED display provides clear operation interface
- Portable charging throughout. You can just charge using your portable charger, laptop or adaptor while you are outside!
- High frequency simulation breast suction rhythm, rapid breast suction
- PPSU bottles are corrosion-resistant, stronger & more durable

Smart Core!
Comes with 3 different adjustable modes!
Up to 9 Levels!
- Massage (With increase of suction level, the strength of massage increases, massage time longer)
- Simulation (With increase of suction level, the strength of pump increases, pump time longer)
- Expression (based on the research of simulated baby sucking rhythm technology, quick tips on on they rhythm of the simulation breast milk.

Comes with:
- 2 x Diaphragm Cap
- 2 x Silicone Diaphragm
- 2 x Pump Body
- 2 x Silicone Cushion
- 2 x Dust Cap
- 2 x Valve
- 2 x Feeding Bottle
- 2 x Bottle Base
- 1 x Pump Motor
- 2 x Nipple Cap
- 2 x Nipple
- 2 x Screw Thread
- 2 x Silicone Tubing
- 1 x USB Cord
- 1 x Adapter
- 1 x Dual Connector

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