Miamily Hipster Air

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MiaMily HIPSTER™ Air is the world’s first compact inflatable baby carrier that is as small as your makeup bag! Babies come with so much stuff, so we developed the air as a convenient travel carrier that significantly reduces bulk.


Designed with a unique valve that inflates and deflates our classic hip seat, parents can easily adjust the level of firmness to yours and babies liking, without the hassle of having to remove the carrier, seat or baby. Storing the carrier is easy as the seat quickly deflates and folds into a built-in storage pocket.


Made with 100% recycled plastic, this carrier is good for you AND the environment.  The ergonomic design of our innovative hip seat ensures that your baby’s hips are always in the optimal “M” sitting position, with knees even at hip level. Because of the seat, baby can also safely forward face as their legs are supported and not dangling.


  • Suitable for use from 4 months old to 3 years old
  • Hand pump
  • Adjustable head support
  • Adjustable back clip
  • Padding for baby’s leg
  • Safety leg straps
  • High waist belt for lumbar support
  • 2 side pockets
  • Anti slip silicone dots
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