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Mother's Corn Feeding Spoon Set

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Mother's Corn Feeding Spoon Set

Mother's Corn Feeding Spoon Set

A baby spoon set consisting of two feeding spoons which can be divided according to the type of baby food or feeding time, and a spoon case that can be kept hygienic even when going out, so the baby can adapt to baby food This product is to help you.

  • Made form corn, Good, Green & Safe. BPA Free
  • This feeding spoon set has 2 different size spoons.
  • One small sized spoon is perfect for baby's tiny mouth and is ideal for baby's first meal.
  • The other one is a slightly bigger spoon for when the baby starts to take more food.
  • Designed for easy handling so mums can feed babies with minimal spilling.
  • It comes with a case for an outing for clean and safe eating out trip.
  • Recommended from 5 months and above

Packing size: 330 * 220 * 145

Product Size: 60 * 32 * 215