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物の語 My Story Signature Bean Spout Husk Pillow - Gray Unicorn

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物の語 My Story Signature Bean Spout Husk Pillow - Gray Unicorn

物の語 My Story I We're a firm believer that every one deserved a product that belong to them given by their dearest one. My Story dedicated our life work into creating a unique piece of companion to be by the side of your dearest one in their life that's why we only 100% handcrafted so that our consumer can feel the love and dedication in each and every of our product that was produce. In addition all our Husk Pillow are filled with 100% Nature Bean Spout Husk & 100% Love with blessing. We select only 100% all nature bean spout with no additional substance to the product as such there would be a nature scent to the pillow. Avoid washing the pillow if wet kindly use a dryer or sundry the pillow follows by sanitize or disinfect for extra care. Suggestion to sun the husk pillow often to prevent bacterial and for best usage

What is a Signature Bean Spout Husk Pillow?

The Signature Husk Pillow was created based on 3 years of our research fine tuning each detail to perfection. Hence the product was crafted with detail and commitment from our team of in-house crafter making them truly unique.

What make the “Signature Husk Pillow” so unique and functioning is that we enhance the product with the changes as stated below:

Exclusive supplier (Bean Husk) Machine Dry Husk with UV Sanitized (Exclusive Supply)
We discarded traditional sun dry bean husk and obtain a long-term exclusive working partner of bean husk supplier to supply handpicked and filtering (*to reduce unwanted material e.g. roots, leaf, defective husk etc.) Top 10% “A” Grading Bean Husk which are machine dry and UV sanitized. This greatly reduce the case of unwanted issues of “worm, bug or fly” that might be hidden within the bean husk during the sun drying process (*as machine dry bean husk are not exposed to the open environment). With the highest grading of bean husk we are also able to obtain much more filling size within the 200g standardized weight for 40cm husk pillow (*estimated 70% filling vs. 50% filling) enabling the husk pillow to be more fulfilled, this selection of husk also do not decomposed as fast comparing to the traditional sun dry husk which decomposed at a shorter time frame leaving the husk filling at a very little percentage within 8 month to a full year of usages.


Traditional Sun-Dry ->

Exposed to Worm, Bug & Flies

Poor Quality of Size (Small Size)

200g Filling 40% ~50%

Decompose Quickly (8 Mth Drop by 20%)


<- Top A Grade Machine-Dry

Protected Enclosed Environment + UV Sanitized

Retain Sized (Nature Size)

200g Filling 70% ~ 80%

Decompose Slower (8 Mth Drop by 10%)

Minky Fabric (Cover – Back)
We had also introduced the minky fabric into the husk pillow design (*Cover – Back) as the minky fabric are specially designed to have the properties of been milky soft, luxurious and are uniquely created for babies. Not only does this premium fabric are good to feel they also provide a critical properties which is the abilities to keep warm. Babies by nature are sensitive to the temperature surrounding them one of the key area are at the tummy while husk pillow are design to be place on their tummy or near the chest area to provide comfort and senses of securities the minky fabric are able to provide the area with warm heightening the sense of comfort and securities even better to the plus point of Minky fabric do not shed and are durable.

Variety Design (Cover – Front)
Our design are eye catching by combining colourful minky to fabric design that we used from various countries like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, US, China etc. We also update new design and colour as part of our uniqueness for the product making them as a mark of collection for the end consumer. Times to times we will be launching limited edition design as part of our Collection Series. 

Inner Bean Husk Bag with Cover (Washable Cover)
As bean husk pillow are always been carried around we designed the husk to be separated from the cover by doing that it enable the cover to be washed and dry if it is dirty or after a period of usage. It also allows the cover to be replaced for new design or rotational changes.


Product's Dimension & Measurement
(Estimated 1 ~ 2cm Vary as Product are 100% Handcrafted)

- ❤️ 40cm Signature Bean Spout Husk Pillow
         est ~ 40cm (Width) x 15cm (Height)

- ❤️ Signature Bean Spout Husk Baby Pillow 40cm
         (Retail Exclusive)

Handcraft Policy

物の語 My Story I As every single product is made to order with 100% crafted by hand we will like to seek your understanding that product image from the textile/fabric, colour, size and measurement might be vary from the product to product.

Care Instructions

物の語 My Story I Recommended to hand-wash all product our product with cold water if washing machine is required kindly place product into a laundry bag before washing, avoid washing with hot water or drying with a dryer. Suggest to sanitize or disinfect for extra care.