Oribel Peripop Foxey

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Oribel Peripop Foxey

Peripop® helps store stuff that’s not all it is. From blanket to play mat, Peripop® is about endless possibilities. Stuff Pripop® with clothes and plush toys, and out pops a cushion, mini stool or even a backrest!

Age Suitability :
0+ months

I am full of wonders :
– multiple usage extends product longevity
– helps to organize room, keep stuff and provides additional storage solutions
– works as a great stroller blanket. Foxey’s head folds over the stroller bar to prevent blanket from slipping off.
– works as a great playmat. Increase plushness by inserting your own blankets or beddings inside. (Be mindful of fall hazards and never leave young child unattended)


All the materials used in our products have to meet our strict validation process for materials safety. Part of this validation process includes stringent testing at established and independent laboratories to ensure that materials meet and exceed ASTM, EN and REACH standards. This means that our fabric are certified to contain no more than the permissible level of Heavy Elements, Flame Retardants, Phthalates and Formaldehyde.

When a product goes into production, we monitor every incoming material closely. Being equipped with our very own material safety lab means that we are able to sample test every incoming batch of material to ensure material integrity batch after batch. This end to end ability is a promise that every Oribel product is safe and trusted for use by all our little ones.


We use all new fillings for our stuffings and ensure that they are free of objectionable matter originating from insect, bird, rodent or other animal infestations and of contaminants such as splinter and metal chips to the extent possible in good manufacturing practices. We also put in place a stringent inspection process that includes metal detection equipment, to detect and quarantine contaminated products.


• Machine wash cold on gentle cycle.
• Do not bleach.
• Tumble dry low.
• Iron with low heat. Do not dry clean.


L: 42.5in | 108cm
W: 28in | 72cm
Weight: 0.94lbs | 0.44kg

L: 14.9in |  38cm
W: 2.4in | 6cm 
H: 12.4in | 31.5cm
Weight: 1.58lbs | 0.72kg 


It took us a while to explain what Peripop is because no one has seen something like it. A blanket, a playmat, a cushion? That’s not all it is. We have been told by some mothers that Peripop works wonders as a clothes bag for travelling and others say they love the ability to keep extra towels and diapers inside the Peripop blanket.

We hope moms will love the Peripops and we are excited to see how the Peripops are being used… in more ways than we can ever imagine.

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