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Thinkerbub Visual Stimulation Cloth

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Thinkerbub Visual Stimulation Cloth

Product Info

Babies crave input to stimulate their brain development and the brain builds itself by forming connections. Vision takes the longest to develop but it also has the highest impact on the brain. The more visual stimulation your baby receives, the more their neural network will connect and expand.

However, they are not yet able to take in the full spectrum of colour like an adult. This is why black and white high contrast, bold graphics are excellent in stimulating their visual and cognitive development.

This visual stimulation cloth is made for babies from 0 - 5 mths old. It provides babies with tactile, visual and cognitive stimulation. It's easily folded and can be brought around to be used anywhere. It's made to be used while baby is sitting up or as a playmat during tummy time. Because it's made of soft silky material, this cloth also easily becomes a security blanket. 

3 benefits of black and white toys

• Stimulating your baby’s vision and helping them determine shapes and colors is important for strengthening their cognitive abilities as well as their gross motor skills.

• Because high contrast images are easier for babies to interpret, they are the best way for your baby to lengthen their attention span, improve their memory and develop their nervous system.

• Another pro of getting this visual stimulation cloth for your newborn means you can add pops of color later on that align with your tot’s interests. Black and white is also gender neutral, timeless and educational, meaning you’ll get multiple uses for multiple children.