Designskin bumper mat and playmat singapore


Designskin provides children with a safe place to rest and provide space to make children's creativity and dreams come true. It is widely used in commercial like pre schools and residential homes. There is a reason for using Designskin as it is made of high quality materials. 

All Designskin products come with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Items available includes bumper mat, folder mat, gym mats and playmats. 
Products are manufactured in South Korea with high quality commercial grade foam and material. It is currently the best in the global market.

Designskin won many awards for their products.

Designskin is proven and tested for quality and safe products for commercial and home use. Safety certifications is obtained. 

Viewing is available at our office showroom located at 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 , Main Lobby, #02-06A Singapore 59511. Please arrange an appointment with us for viewing. 


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Designskin Gym Baby Tunnel Set [Pre-Order ETA OCT-NOV 2021] | Little Baby.
$799.00 $1,209.00
Designskin Gym Baby Tunnel Set
Designskin Baby Cooling Pillow
$44.25 $59.00
Designskin Baby Cooling Pillow
Designskin Gym The Balance Beam | Little Baby.
$549.00 $819.00
Designskin Gym The Balance Beam
Designskin Gym Playground Set | Little Baby.
$449.25 $599.00
Designskin Gym Playground Set
Designskin Stego Sofa | Little Baby.
$186.75 $249.00
Designskin Stego Sofa
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Designskin Round Cake Sofa | Little Baby.
$224.25 $299.00
Designskin Round Cake Sofa
Designskin House Mat | Little Baby.
$389.00 $589.00
Designskin House Mat