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“These are so cute and are very helpful for new moms to keep the baby from scratching there faces. I am very pleased with this product - Lincoln, AL” Rita McLendon on 3/17/2014

“These are the one thing we needed and had never thought of during our pregnancy. We have yet to find anything that compares with these. These are a must for everyone with a newborn. In fact, we have bought these for each shower gift since we found out about them. They are great for protecting our boy's face and the Velcro keeps them on his hands all night.” josh on 12/2/2013

“These are very nice, soft and do not come off my baby's hands. My daughter scratches her face at night and these mitts save her from having bad wounds on the face. Very nice product; even when she wears them during the day they are so soft that she can still grab things into her hands. Probably one of the most needed accessories for my baby.” Ewa Carlton on 4/1/2013


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