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the maclaren way

the best things in life have only one thing in common: they are unique...

Whilst words can be used to describe what we do, what we make, and who we are – Maclaren has a way of doing things unlike any other. Although our products are ‘Timeless’, they are not ‘Traditional’. ‘Artful’ isn’t precise enough to describe our careful blend of style and functionality. ‘Innovation’ can only begin to describe the generations of ‘firsts’ we have proudly created. ‘Enduring’ is too conventional for the quality we build into every product. ‘Safe’ is only a mere reflection of our long-standing commitment to safety. We simply craft the world’s best buggy the only way we know how – the Maclaren Way. 

Visit our showroom at 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, #02-06A, Main Lobby, Singapore 569511. Strictly by appointment. 

Maclaren strollers has Sovereign™ lifetime warranty. 

What we love about Maclaren is the carry weight of up to 25kg! It is very durable and sturdy too.

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