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NUK offers an extensive range of baby products including breastfeeding aids, bottles & teats, soothers, cups, weaning products and many others. 

NUK also offer licensed ranges that offer all the benefits of NUK combined with classic Disney designs.

First Choice for Parents:

The most important endorsement of our products comes from you, the parents who use them day in day out. If you’re happy with them then we’re happy too! Thankfully it seems you are as NUK consistently wins product awards voted for by the parents who use them.


NOTE: For safety precautions, we do not encourage customers to buy baby products from unknown sources. Please do take extra precautions because it could be a source of parallel importing. 

Little Baby is the authorised retailer for NUK Baby products. All our products are obtained from authorised NUK supplier in Singapore. 

NUK Baby Singapore


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NUK Active Snacker
NUK Active Snacker
NUK Flexi Cup
NUK Flexi Cup