NUK Disney Soother Chain

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NUK Disney Winnie the Pooh Soother Chain, Clip to Attach Soother Securely to Baby’s Clothing 
You certainly know just how important sucking is for babies and how much fun they have with their soothers. Soother chains and ribbons are a great way of making sure soothers stay where they belong and do not get lost or fall on the floor. The NUK Disney Winnie the Pooh Soother Chain has a practical clip, for easily attaching the chain to your baby’s clothes. There is also a hook device which makes it simpler to fasten the chain to the soother.

The cute motifs of Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger are another special highlight of this soother chain, for Winnie the Pooh is the best friend you could wish for. And it is not only Tigger and Eeyore who think so – nearly every child in the world does too. It’s so nice to have a little friend with you!

The NUK Disney Winnie the Pooh Soother Chain – the sure way to keep soothers close at hand.

  • Practical and reliable clip makes it easy to attach and remove from clothing
  • Hook device lets chain be easily fastened to soother
  • Suitable for soothers with a ring
  • Made of resilient, high-quality synthetic material 
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