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About a decade ago, we had an idea so visionary that it would forever change the way people perceive baby trikes. 
We constantly invent and improve upon our award winning innovation so you can reap the benefits.
In the years since we started our journey, we've developed unique, award winning Touch Steering® technology for baby trikes, the Red Dot award winning SkiScooter® and dozens more award winning baby, toddler and teen outdoor products. Recently, we have also introduced a trendy line of baby nursery items to our family. 
These trikes have taken us far beyond anything we ever imagined. They’ve taken us to over 80 countries around the world and millions of happy parents and cheerful babies.


The first smarTrike® launched over a decade ago was no less than a revolution: An all-in-one trike that grew with the child had everything — comfort, safety and easy steering. 
Since then, we’ve taken the steering experience forward, working hard to make it even simpler and easier to steer as well as making it more intuitive.
Today, our world patented Touch Steering® technology offers smooth and easy to maneuvering and is designed for enjoyable rides, enabling children to stimulate their senses. We invite children to experience the joy of the outdoors, explore the world, develop new skills, and build confidence.
And while our smarTrikes® grow with your babies and evolve, we too constantly develop and launch superb trikes that are always a few steps ahead because we do whatever we can to ride on and never stop exploring.


Sold in 80 countries globally, smarTrike® is the world’s most awarded trike:

  • Great for your child’s development.
  • Touch-Steering patented technology for smooth & easy maneuvering.
  • Easy transition from infant mode to trike mode.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.



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