Collection: Snoozebaby

Snoozebaby is a hip and innovative baby textile accessory  brand offering comfort products for the young family.
All our products are designed in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Our ultra-soft, safe, functional and playful nursery and soft toys  products such as wrapping blankets, cuddling soft toys, changing mats, hand-puppets, sleep suits and much more  all  feature the well-known tags. These tags vary in size, colour and material: satin, silk, corduroy and rustling materials are all used. Kids love to find their favourite tag and while looking for and playing with this tag, their  fine motor skills are stimulated and sense of touch is promoted.

Most products are made of the basic materials velour and jersey fabric and  they feel wonderfully soft. The materials and products have been extensively tested, are all CE certified and meet European and US standards (eg EN71).

Snoozebaby products  offer comfort and joy and have a calming effect  on babies. Research on the functionality of the tags shows that the vast majority of parents see Snoozebaby items as joy and peace giving.

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