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Sofzsleep latex cores and accessories are manufactured in Belgium, in full compliance with the European regulation 1907/2006, Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH), which aims to protect human health and the environment.


Sofzsleep uses natural latex sourced from rigorously selected and tightly regulated plantations. Upon arrival at our factory in Belgium, the raw rubber sap is mixed into a compound. Compressed air is added to the compound to work it into a foam. The desired mold is filled with the latex foam by robotic automation to obtain an even distribution of the latex in the mold. The mold closes and enters a vulcanization oven. The form is then “baked” at 100 degrees centigrade to solidify into our Core. The finished Core is thoroughly washed to remove any residue and rigorously dried to remove all moisture.


The factory in Belgium produces mattresses, pillows and toppers in latex. There are 4 mattress production lines with a production capacity of 1 million pcs per year, 1 pillow production line which can produce 650.000 pcs/year and 8 topper production lines which can produce 4 million running meter per year.


The entire production of our products is rigorously regulated and monitored to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. Every product is visually checked on factors such as size, density, firmness and most importantly, overall quality. Approved products are then sent to our Asian assembly plant for cutting and finishing to various sizes. Rigorous procedures are in place to make sure that every product that leaves our factory and delivered to you are of impeccable premium quality.

We routinely have products randomly selected for full durability testing to ensure that they can withstand various stresses.


Latex is primarily anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and excellent at body heat management. It is ideal for allergy sufferers due to its natural hypoallergenicity, dust mite resistance, and antimicrobial properties which inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew which are contributors to asthma and pulmonary function allergies.

Our latex is certified internationally to be free of harmful substances, chemicals and toxics and is safe even for babies.

Spring mattresses contain hundreds of fine metal springs.Unfortunately, metals are excellent conductors and react to magnetic fields. Perhaps it is not too far-fetched to suggest that sleeping on a spring mattress is like sleeping on a field of tiny antennas!

Made without metal springs, Sofzsleep latex mattresses are free from harmful Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF), which could cause headaches, anxiety, nausea and fatigue.


With a special micro-latex structure, our mattresses are ergonomically supportive and help to relieve pressure point discomfort, thereby enhancing your comfort during sleep.It contours and moulds to the shape of the sleeper’s body whilst reducing pressure exerting points. The experience is often described as “sleeping on millions of micro-springs”.

The point elasticity of latex allows isolated compression that will not affect the rest of the mattress, hence reducing partner disturbances.

Premium latex mattresses boast high durability, lasting longer than other mattress types.

Whether you have slept on your Sofzsleep mattress for one year, or eight years, you will hardly feel any difference in its height, texture, resilience factor nor firmness. Each Sofzsleep mattress retains its superior properties throughout its lifespan of approximately 10 years or more.


Little Baby is authorised retailer for Sofzsleep. Visit our showroom at 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, #02-06A, Main Lobby, Singapore 569511 to see Sofzsleep products.


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