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All Spectra pumps and UV sterilisers include 24 months motor warranty coverage with Little Baby SG. All our Spectra sets are directly imported from South Korea with 100% authenticity. 

What is difference between buying local set and parallel imported set?
- Both local and parallel imported sets are from the same manufacturer. It is also the same as buying off from other local / overseas marketplaces sellers. 
- However, we provide 24 months motor warranty coverage for our imported sets. You should not approach the local Spectra supplier for warranty as the warranty is only available from our store.

What if I bought my Spectra from other marketplaces from other Korea sellers and there is a defect. Can you assist to repair my unit?
- There will be no repair service since the set is not bought locally. 

Customers who bought pumps from us if found defective during warranty, a pump unit will be loan to you while we get your pump repaired with 0 downtime. 


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Spectra Nipple Protector | Little Baby.
$12.75 $15.00
Spectra Nipple Protector
Spectra Manual Switch Kit | Little Baby.
$19.90 $26.90
Spectra Manual Switch Kit
Spectra White Valve (Pack of 2) | Little Baby.
$11.90 $14.00
Spectra White Valve (Pack of 2)
Spectra Silicone Massager | Little Baby.
Sold Out -15%
Spectra Bottle Stand | Little Baby.
Sold Out -20%
Spectra Backflow Protector | Little Baby.
$13.17 $15.50
Spectra Backflow Protector
Spectra Tubing | Little Baby.
$6.80 $8.00
Spectra Tubing
Sold Out -15%
Spectra PPSU Bottle 260ml | Little Baby.
Sold Out -15%
Spectra PPSU Bottle 160ml | Little Baby.
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