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Strap Stop™

Strap Stop™ is an innovative product that is designed specifically to keep you children safe in their car seat, pram, high chair or any other double chested child restraint. As many parents have experienced, young children become easily distracted and try to free their arms from their restraint, which can put themselves in an unsafe position.

The Strap stop is designed to stop your children from being able to move or alter their current safety harness. Strap Stop is not to be used as an alternative to a certified child restraint, it is only to be used as an additional item to assist with securing your child.

        No more clever escapes™. Our slogan explain it all. Strap Stop™ prevents children from freeing their arms while sitting in car seat, Pushchair, Highchair or any other harness.

  • Superior Manufacturing Than Anything Else On The Market
  • Strap Stop is welded and not stitched, making it a premium product in comparison to other devices on the market. It is manufactured by hand in the UK, with premium materials in a purpose built facility.
  • Can Be Used As a Multipurpose Accessory
  • Strap Stop is a multipurpose accessory and can be used as a car seat accessory, Push chairs, Prams, High chairs, Bike chairs and with backpacks.
  • Strap Stop Leading The Way in Innovation
  • This product is new to the international market,  But within 3 months of officially trading Strap stop now has distributors in
  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Middle East
  • Singapore
  • StrapStop™  is manufactured in a dust-free, non-toxic environment in the UK. It has won innovation awards in the UK and has sold upwards of 30,000 units globally to date.


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