Suzuran Baby

Suzuran Baby was founded in Japan. Established over 180 years ago by Suzuran Medical Inc., the company has been focusing on manufacturing high quality cotton. Started from providing cotton to the medical industry, the brand soon expanded to consumer goods in the cosmetic, personal care and baby care category in different countries across Asia. Using pure cotton - a natural fiber as a base, we are pushing forward with research in cotton to help improve everyday lives of people." - President Yasuhiro Kunieda

Suzuran Baby specialises in non-allergenic and antibacterial baby cotton products which are best suited for newborn’s sensitive skin.

Babies have that amazingly soft skin which is much more delicate and sensitive than adults. Therefore, it needs protection against outside organism, irritants and allergens. With this in mind, we pride ourselves in delivering only pure cotton products, which is 100% natural to cater to babies’ needs. 


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