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Swimtrainer Classic



The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" gives children the necessary sense of achievement and security in the water during every stage of their development. This forms the basis for being successful at learning how to swim. With fun, children will develop a positive life long relationship with the water. Our specially designed swimming aids are introduced according to the child's age and learning ability (red, orange, yellow). The SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is used with babies to support their early development. Later our training technique should be applied for the child to achieve a perfect swimming style.
Our SWIMTRAINER "Classic" offers children:

* ideal swimming position in the water
* inflatable pads to prevent slipping through
* adjustable safety belt to prevent tipping forwards


The first stage is the red SWIMTRAINER "Classic". Babies as young as 6 months old can start to use this to get acquainted with water. At 6 months, they still have their kicking reflex, and the red SWIMTRAINER helps maintain this instinct of babies to kick in water.

The 2nd stage is the orange SWIMTRAINER "Classic". This model has less air, and so kids are lower in the water. This allows them to develop the confidence in water, and start learning the correct kicking motions.

The most advanced stage is the yellow SWIMTRAINER "Classic". This has the least amount of air, and is used to provide a little buoyancy for kids as they learn the correct arm and leg motions.

All SWIMTRAINER "Classic" are made off robust PVC and have five inflatable chambers. The practical clip fastener and inflatable shoulder straps allow fast and secure fitting. Our SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is tested by TÜV & GS, meet the Australian Standard "AS 1900 - 2002 Flotation aids for water familiarization and swimming tuition" and are phthalate free.





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