BioCair BC-65 Pro II Dry-Mist Disinfection Machine

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BioCair BC-65 Pro II Dry-Mist Disinfection Machine

BioCair® BC-65 Pro II TM is a disinfecting machine that is designed to improve indoor air quality. Using the latest technology and when used with BioCair® Air Disinfecting Solution, the dry-mist generated by the Pro II Machine kills airborne pathogens on contact. Airborne pathogens are not visible, yet they are a major concern. It is the perfect choice for use in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and any indoor environments.


  • Dry-mist 
  • Power-saving
  • Zero noise level
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Long service life
  • Adjustable mist level
  • Soft glow light

Directions for Use

Pour 500ml of BioCair Air Disinfecting Solution and 500ml of Distilled water. In 1:1 ratio, disinfect the room 1 hour a day.


  • Product Dimension: 150mm x 154mm x 274mm
  • Product Weight (without water): 0.72kg
  • Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 20W
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.8L
  • Maximum Mist Volume: 200ml/h
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