Cho Snuggy Buddy Pillow: Momo Bunny

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The closest diamond I can get are these carrots.

Meet Momo! 🍑 Just like peaches, Momo Bunny is fuzzy and sweet. She loves a good carrot-picking, snuggling, and cuddling!

Cho Snuggy Buddy (Momo Bunny: Medium 18 x 38cm) is perfect for snuggles, cuddles, and gives a boost of power to chase away bad dreams! The cushion buntings are absolutely adorable, but they’re also perfect for soothing teething babies and toddlers. Designed with love and you in mind, Cho Snuggy Buddy is made from the safest and softest materials suitable for everyone!


Medium (18 x 38cm)

Large (23 x 53cm)

XL (31 x 86cm)

Cho Snuggy Buddy is made for

- Snuggling & Cuddling

- Rain & Shine

- You ♡

Sweet dreams are made of

- 95% Bamboo Fibre & 5% Spandex

- Safe & Environmentally Friendly Materials

Care Guide

- Machine wash cold

- Dry in shade

- Do not bleach

- Do not use softener

- Do not dry clean

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