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Dr Brown's Wide Neck Milk Bottles, 120ml (2-Pack)

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Dr Brown's Wide Neck Milk Bottles, 120ml (2-Pack)

Dr Brown's Wide Neck Milk Bottles, 120ml (2-Pack)

Dr. Brown’s bottle features a patented two-piece internal vent system that works unlike any other bottle design. The vent system fully vents our bottle for vacuum-free feeding, which we call positive-pressure flow, similar to breastfeeding. As the baby feeds, air is channeled from the teat collar through the vent system, bypassing the breastmilk or formula, to the back of the bottle. Air never mixes with the breastmilk or formula which minimizes oxidation and helps maintain essential nutrients like vitamins C, A and E.


Babies feed more comfortably because the vent system allows them to nurse without fighting the negative effects of a vacuum or the discomfort of ingesting air bubbles. This helps to reduce feeding problems like colic, burping, and wind. The breastmilk or formula flows freely, without teat collapse.


Product Features:

  • No BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalates
  • Helps Maintain Vitamins C, A & E
  • Positive-Pressure, Vacuum-Free Feeding
  • Helps Reduct Colic, Spit-Up, Burping and Gas
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