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FarmToBaby Organic Rice Puff Rainbow Rice Soft Bar (6m+)

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FarmToBaby Organic Rice Puff Rainbow Rice Soft Bar - 20g

No sugar added to the snacks and it was not fried in oil but processed by pumping under heat and pressure. It is organic, safe, healthy and suitable for 6months+ baby consumption.

• Product Name: Organic Soft Rice Puff Bar

• Food Type: Snack

• Content: 20g

• Ingredients: Organic Powder (Korea) 99.2%, Seaweed Calcium (UK) 0.8%

• Packaging Materials: Polyethylene (Inside) 

Storage & Notice

  • Do not take the included desiccant as it is not for food.
  • Please keep it in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight
  • Please seal the package as soon as possible every time after open it to keep the product in good condition
  • This product has been produced to melt well in the mouth, but please be careful as it may get stuck in your throat.
  • This product is manufactured with the same facilities for soybeans, milk, and wheat.
  • Make sure to eat this product by melting or chewing it and be careful not to eat it while lying down or in a position that may block the airway.
  • We recommend you to drink enough water before and after having the product, such as water, barley tea, and juice.
  • If you are allergic to certain raw materials, check the raw materials carefully before eating them.
  • Be careful not to put a large amount in your mouth at once.


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