Hoppetta Lapin Lapin 2-way Sleeping Vest with Sleeve

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Hoppetta 2 Way Mummy Bag

Hoppetta Lapin Lapin 2-way Sleeping Vest with Sleeve

If you hold the snap button in the crotch part of the sleeper, it will become the coverall. 

It can be used for a long time if it is dress type according to growth. 
◎ Coverall formula (up to about 60 to 80) 
◎ Dress expression ( up to about 60 to 95 tall) 
It is design that baby's small shoulders do not get cold. 

"Lapin" is French meaning a rabbit. "Lapin Lapin" is a series that expresses rabbits that follow mushrooms and mushrooms in a refreshing color. 

※ Pattern's attitude depends on the product. 

100% cotton 

Width of about 35 cm, Length of about 58 cm 
(Newborn ~ 3 years old) 

Made in Japan 

Washing machine weak 40 ° C Chlorine bleach can not be used Tumble dry prohibition Shade drying in the shade No ironing Can not dry clean Weak wet cleaning possible 
· Please squeeze it weakly and dry. 
· Please do not use fluorescent whitening agent. 

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