Mother's Corn

Mother's Corn Happy Swimming Bowl

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Mother's Corn Weaning Bowl

Mother's Corn Happy Swimming Bowl

Serve any food with Mother's Corn Happy Swimming Bowl for kids to enjoy their meal with their own utensil as a way to encourage kids to finish all the foods! It is made of PLA, a plant extract that is safe to use with different dishes!


1. Tilted designed to scoop easily

2. Stackable bowl for easy storage

3. Non-slip silicone ring attached at the bottom

4. Made of corn, safe for baby

5. Eco-friendly & biodegradable product

6. Durable, freezable and microwavable

⭕️ Microwave, Baby bottle sterilizer (within 1 minute)

❌ Cannot be sterilized by hot water

❌ Cannot be used in dishwasher

Cold, Heat Resistant: -20/130°C (-4/266°F)

Product Dimension: W135 x H40 x D120mm

Capacity: 300ml

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