Mother's Corn

Mother's Corn Jaranda Straw Cup 300ml and Bottle Brush + Free replacement straw

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Mother's Corn Award Winning Play & Learn Meal Time Set

Mother's Corn Jaranda Straw Cup

Get free Mother's Corn Jaranda Replacement straw for every purchase of Mother's Corn Jaranda Straw Cup 200ml and Bottle Brush!

Mother's Corn straw cup

 Motherscorn singapore straw cupMother's Corn Straw Cup Disinfection Guide

Mother's Corn’s ergonomic and convenient design with both baby and parents in mind.

1. Can rotate in any direction - A premium silicone straw that can rotate 360°
2. An air pressure valve designed to prevent backflow and colic
3. A 360° detachable handle with great portability and usability
4. Non-slip ergonomic design handle for both hands
5. Made from PPSU material for medical use that can be sterilized with boiling water and steam
6. A lid designed to open simply and easily
7. Design for easy grip and easy wash

360° rotating handle

  • An easy grip 360° rotating handle that allows your baby to drink the entire bottle in any direction
  • Good grip lid - An ergonomically designed lid makes it easy to grip and the front lid design allows you open the lid easily while handwashing the lid.
  • Measuring scale ml&oz – A clear scale allows you to check the scale easily.
  • Cross-shaped (+) straw cut - Designed to prevent leaks and backflow
  • Air circulation valve - It easily prevents backflow caused by pressure difference and prevents colic and baby's hiccup.

Protect the Earth and the environment with Mother’s Corn – Made from eco-friendly BIO-PE derived from sugar cane.

  • 100% Recycling
  • A pulp package that does not require a cushioning material to practice ZERO WASTE
  • BIO-PE used for a handle and lid is a renewable, eco-friendly raw material, which provides carbon dioxide reduction benefits and does not contain endocrine disruptors.

*Microwave oven
*Boiling water sterilization
*Dishwasher OK
We have increased heat resistance temperature or easy cleaning and convenient use!

*Make sure to sterilize with boiling water within 30 seconds and microwave oven within 1 minute.
*Heat resistant temperature: -20/100°C (-4/230°F)

*If you remove the straw connected to the straw nipple when using a spout, your baby can drink beverages while lying down as if using a baby bottle.


Care & Instructions

No UV sterilization, baby bottle sterilization solution / Steam sterilization safe / Dishwasher safe / Boiling water sterilization within 30 seconds / Microwave oven within 1 minute / Bottle: Material PPSU Cooling/heating temperature: -20/180C(-4/356°F)/ UV sterilization safe / Steam sterilization safe / Dishwasher safe / Boiling water sterilization within 30 seconds / Microwave oven within 1 minute

Cleaning instructions – Disassemble the straw cup -> Sterilize and clean -> Dry by parts ->
Assemble and use: Not following the cleaning and sterilization instructions may result in shrinkage and deformation.

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