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MyBoss® Door Shields

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by MyBoss

MyBoss® Door Shields

Over 40,000 Sold in Hong Kong!

A package of MyBoss®Door Shields includes a Door Front Shield, a Door Rear Shield and a paper ruler (for easy installation).

The Door Front Shield is designed to cover the wide hinge gap at the front of the door and the Door Rear Shield will cover up the narrow hinge gap at the back of the door. These Shields prevents fingers trapping injuries at the hinge side of the door, Front & Back! 

 MyBoss® Door Shields are

-Patented Durable Door Shield design with RoHS Compliance

-Translucent in colour to match any door colour or finish

-Easy & Quick installation with self-adhesive strip built into the shield. 

-Suitable for doors opening up to 110 degrees at Every Home, Daycare centres, Hospitals, Restaurants and School!

Designed in Hong Kong and Made in China.

For more details, please watch the video on MyBoss® Door Shield Introduction and Installation Guide.