Pigeon Finishing Treatment (Toothbrush)

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Pigeon Finishing Treatment (Toothbrush)

Pigeon Finishing Treatment is suitable for front teeth and gap polishing that can be used from the time teeth begin to grow.

 Benefits and Features:

  • Brush is soft and sharp short microfiber firmly visible, breast teeth and gums are not damaged and babies do not dislike. 
  • Compact head is perfect for a small mouth 
  • Curve neck It is a curve neck that looks aimed neatly even at the beginning of teeth growing with many gaps. 
  • Triangular grip handle is triangular grip that is easy to handle and easy to handle, is easy to polish shape. 
  • Training to move toothbrush to brush teeth and gums
  • Soft Bristles that is shaped like an actual toothbrush
  • Slightly longer handle that fits perfectly for 8-12 months babies
  • Attachable safety shield to prevent choking
  • BPA Free
  • 8-12 months
  • Also available in Lesson 1-2-3 Set


  • Replace when the hair ends spread or stains become noticeable. 
  • Do not give this toothbrush to your child. 
  • Please be careful as it may come off as you bite the hair and pull it. 
  • Boiling, chemical liquid, microwave disinfection is not possible.
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