Vtech Baby Video & Audio Monitor BM2500

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Vtech Baby Video & Audio Monitor BM2500

Vtech Baby Video & Audio Monitor BM2500

Pros and Cons

+ 2.0″ inch display
+ Digital zoom
+ Tilt
+ Infrared camera for night vision
+ Parent talk-back
+ Ease your baby with lullabies
+ Nursery room temperature sensor and alerts
+ Digital Volume Control
– Tilt cannot be adjusted remotely
– No extra camera’s can be linked to the parent unit.

Description Vtech BM2500 (Also known as BM2600)

The VTech BM2500 is an audio and video monitor that features a VGA camera with infra-red technology for clear night viewing in low light conditions. The camera comes with a digital zoom and may be manually tilted vertically to adjust viewing angles. Out of the box, the baby unit is designed for tabletop use. However, it may be mounted to a wall to give you a better view of your little one. You’ll find the wall mounts at the bottom of the baby unit.

The VTech 2500 baby unit comes with a built-in temperature sensor so you can check temperature levels without needing to go to your baby’s room. It is also loaded with a selection of 5 lullabies which you can set to play continuously for 20 minutes. You can choose to play a particular lullaby repeatedly or opt for the Play All function from the baby unit or the parent unit.

The parent unit features a 2-inch, full-colour LCD display that delivers clear images at a rate of up to 25 frames per second. You can adjust screen brightness and sound sensitivity or enable the sound activation feature to turn the screen on whenever activity is detected from the baby’s room. In case baby awakens and gets restless when you’re not around, you can always use the parent talkback feature to soothe him and let him know you’re on your way. The system will also alert you when you’re running low on battery power or going beyond the operating range (50m indoors and 300m outdoors).

Note: The VTech BM2500 and VTech BM2600 are similar in terms of specifications.

In the box

  • 1 Parent unit
  • 1 Baby unit
  • 1 Rechargeable battery pack (parent unit)
  • 1 Baby unit power adapter
  • 1 Parent unit power adapter
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