Top 3 Best Baby Stroller in Singapore

August 05, 2021
Top 3 Best Baby Stroller in Singapore

Top 3 Best Baby Stroller in Singapore

By Tan Ning on July 21, 2021.

Dear Parents,

With more and more brands launched in the market selling baby strollers, it can be confusing which to pick, especially when we all want the best for our children. It’s natural to feel unsure which brand to pick. You might have gone through multiple websites or asked your family and friends for recommendations. But if you read on with me, you’ll see why they are our best sellers and why so many parents are choosing these 3 strollers as their top 3 preferred choice.

~ Let’s Go! ~

What makes them different? Let me take you through every stroller from Top to Bottom…

1) Nuna TRIV

Why is it called Triv?

 It’s used by Mothers around the world for city living in their everyday Travels ~ 

Please match my height!

Having troubles finding the right stroller that matches your height? Don’t worry as Nuna Triv’s handlebar has 4 adjustable heights! Simply pull up the 2 buttons on both sides simultaneously to extend the handlebar to your preferred height, and release to lock it. With the Luxe leatherette material, it gives off a chic and modern look to the stroller. Become a stylish mom or dad!


The sturdy handlebar along with the fantastic centre of gravity the stroller has makes shopping convenient! You can hang your lighter groceries on the handlebar without worrying if it topples or becomes unstable. There is a storage pocket at the canopy to store your phone and wallet. The basket at the bottom of the stroller can hold up to 10kg! Spacious enough for a sack of rice!👏

Hot Summer Heat

We all worry about our baby sweating and having heat rash when the weather gets too hot during park strolls or waits at the bus stop. Nuna Triv has recognised this and ensured that the seat insert is made of Bamboo material, meaning better ventilation and comfort. Lifting the seat insert will reveal the adjustable shoulder straps for your baby and a mesh netting to provide even more air ventilation in the stroller.

What about the sun? 

Babies might not like sunblock being applied on them but it is important to protect their skin from the harmful rays as their skin barrier is still weak. And guess what...Nuna Triv has got that covered as well! The canopy of the stroller has UV protection -Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF 50+) to protect your baby from the harmful sun rays. A fully extended canopy can cover 90% of the seat when it’s upright.

Alternatively, if you wish for a shorter canopy extension, there’s a hidden zipper to fold in the canopy for the perfect canopy coverage during breezy days. In addition, the canopy has a “window” to check what your baby is doing when the seat is forward-facing, by flipping up the shade.

Drizzles and Rain

Singapore’s weather is getting pretty hard to predict these days. It can be sunny one minute, and cloudy the next. So what should you do if it starts to drizzle and you’ve got no shelter around? No worries as Nuna Triv’s canopy is water repellent. With a fully extended water-repellent canopy and an upright seat, it is sufficient in keeping the drizzle raindrops away from your baby while you find shelter. 

What about rain? There is a rain cover that complements the Nuna Triv to ensure your baby is kept dry even if you get caught in the rain. A must-have accessory especially in such unpredictable weather. 


Looking at my baby 24/7 

The cleverly designed seat can face both ways, meaning you can face your baby anytime just by changing the seat direction so you can have this precious view while strolling 👶🏻. Simply click the 2 buttons at the side together, lift the seat up to detach from the stroller frame, change the seat towards you, and voila! The seat has 4 recline positions with the lowest angle at approximately 170 degrees. One-hand on-the-go adjustable seat angle by simply lifting and rotating the clip upwards found behind the seat - perfect for naps, feeding, and sightseeings.

Travelling alone with my baby

Worried about travelling out of the house without a car as you’re afraid you can’t manage? The Nuna Triv stroller’s smart mechanism allows you to fold it up quickly without having to use 2 hands. It stands on its own upright when the wheels are locked! This makes travelling alone much more convenient, and it’s easier to get onto the Taxi or public transport without extra help. You can carry your baby in one hand and fold up the stroller with the other hand:

Safety of the Stroller

Worried about having to push the stroller on uneven terrains such as the roads and pavements? Fret not because Nuna Triv’s spring suspension technology under the seat creates a smoother ride for your baby, so you don’t have to worry that your baby is having a bumpy ride and start crying. Nuna Triv also has 4 wheels that are very sturdy and steady, similar to the look of a tire.

The sturdy wheels ensure that the centre of gravity or overall balance of the stroller is present regardless of the surface. Its all-wheel suspension also makes manoeuvring through curved corners easy and safe, ensuring the stroller does not topple over.

Apply the wheel breaks whenever needed. With its one-touch brake behind and front swivel wheel locks, simply lock the wheels front and back with a push of the foot.

The 5-point seatbelt system offers full support for the shoulders, arms, and crotch. It can also be converted to a 3-point harness, offering quick and easy buckling. With the press of a button in the middle, it offers a quick release of the seatbelts. The shoulder pads also help to provide greater comfort for the baby!

Growing Up

Nuna Triv has a removable arm bar that can be removed on one side for easy carrying in and out of the stroller, or removed completely when your child gets bigger. The leg rest is also adjustable in angle. Simply click 2 buttons on both sides and rotate the leg rest to the desired angle for your baby and push out the leg rest cushion to support the baby’s legs. When the child gets bigger, you can rotate the leg rest all the way down and push back the leg rest cushion for their legs to dangle. A stroller that accompanies your child growth is truly worth the price!

A Trusted and well-known brand by mothers around the world. Check out the number of hashtags #nunatriv on Instagram, with 3,145 posts to date:

And of course not to forget the wonderful reviews left by our customers at Little Baby and Family:

Sold out

All products is covered with 2 years manufacturer warranty only at Nuna Official Store with Little Baby.


2) Babyzen YOYO2

What is Yoyo2?

The Yoyo stroller has a new look and evolves into Yoyo2 for added comfort and practicality. With Yoyo2, Babyzen has improved the technology of their iconic stroller without changing its DNA, which is being spectacularly easy to fold and unfold the stroller. An upgrade in the harness strap is softer and more flexible, providing greater comfort, and a revamped design of the front and back wheel bearings, armrests and shopping basket.


A stroller designed to Last

Yoyo2 is extremely strong and amazingly lightweight thanks to its high-quality materials. With its aluminium alloy, stainless steel and fibre-glass reinforced technical plastics, your stroller will last for several generations. Your Yoyo2 stroller is primarily screw-assembled, easily dismountable, repairable or recyclable.


I miss Travelling!

This compact stroller folds and closes by simply grabbing and releasing the handle at the bottom of the stroller. Its innovative mechanism lets it fold like an origami quickly and accurately to become the perfect travel stroller. It is also Aircabin approved, fitting nicely into the overhead compartment, making overseas travelling convenient and baby-friendly! 

Lightweight frame

It’s light and compact-weighing approximately 6.1kg, making it easy to carry around. Simply close the stroller, use the adjustable shoulder strap and sling it on your shoulder.

Being such a versatile stroller means going to more places! Not having to be afraid of bringing any inconvenience to others, you can bring it to crowded places such as the amusement park because it is compact enough to fit through the crowds. How great is it to create new memories with your child at the amusement park?

Stylish frame

With the new premium faux leather handlebar, it is more resistant and hygienic. Giving off a classy and modern look with greater security thanks to the tether strap. You can choose 2 colours for the frame: Black or White.

Rain or Shine

The canopy has UV protection-Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF 50+) and water repellent fabric which is excellent for Singapore’s weather! Staying in a hot climate country with Summer all year round makes it important to protect your baby’s skin from sun rays due to their weak skin barrier. With this canopy acting as a sunshade during strolls to the park, they’ll have a lovely time!

The waterproof surface is another bonus. With weather conditions becoming more unpredictable, you don’t have to worry if it suddenly starts drizzling! But of course, this isn’t a rain cover, so be sure to quickly find the nearest shelter. 

There is a transparent “window” to take a peek whenever you miss your little one! There is also a spacious back pocket behind, a great compartment to keep your important belongings hidden with a secure zip.

Comfortable for all Climates

Babyzen Yoyo2 has a multi-positioning reclining backrest, where you can adjust the seat position to your liking. The padded seat fabric is also easily removable and entirely washable, so you don’t have to worry about any spills during snack time!

Safety first!

The 5 point seatbelt harness ensures full support for the shoulders, arms, and crotch. With the new universal buckle design, it’s more pleasant to the touch and easier to handle. The press of a button in the middle offers a quick release of the seatbelts. The cushioned shoulder pads also offer comfort to the child in the stroller. 

The New suspensions on all four wheels also offer convenient manoeuvring around corners safely and quickly without getting stuck. The wheels can be locked by pressing the small red pedal at the right wheel. First-of-a-kind technology (made with a Hytrel® elastomer), provides YOYO2 with unrivalled resilience and shock absorption. This is great for uneven lands such as the park, beach or the zoo!

Family Outings and Shopping

The storage basket supports up to 5kg of weight, which is excellent storage for diaper bags, picnic mats and more! Not to mention storing some fruits and vegetables when you go grocery shopping, this has made life more convenient! 👍

A Trusted and well-known brand by mothers around the world. Check out the number of hashtags #babyzenyoyo2 on Instagram, with 3,475 posts to date:

And of course not to forget the wonderful reviews left by our customers at Little Baby and Family:

Sold out

Accessories included
Frame Shopping basket

Carrying strap Reversible backrest 6+ seat base
6+ canopy wires
Protective bag
6+ user guide 

Shop at Little Baby Singapore with 24 Months International Manufacturer Warranty


3) Bugaboo Bee 5

Designed specifically for parents that live on the go, the compact Bugaboo Bee 5 is a smart choice for urban adventurers with your baby. To ensure a safe ride, Bugaboo Bee’s foldable strollers undergo over 1,500 safety tests, and feature functional buttons designed to be clicked up to 100,000 times! Paired with soft, durable fabrics that are machine washable, cleanup is truly no-hassle. As an added benefit, the outer fabrics are made with recycled materials!


Managing my travels alone with my baby

Need a compact stroller that’s easy to keep for Taxi rides or travelling on public transport? Bugaboo Bee 5 is a compact, one-piece fold that is perfect for city dwellers. It can be folded up in a few seconds with one hand, regardless of which side the seat is facing.

Simply unlock the 2 buttons at the handlebar by pushing it up, push the handlebar downwards and lean the stroller backwards to fold towards you and you’re done! Close the stroller and carry your baby on the other hand, how convenient! Take Bugaboo Bee 5 with you wherever you go!

Customise it to your preferred height

The handlebar provides a comfortable grip with its leather-inspired grips and it can be adjusted according to your height! An easy and smooth one-hand steering makes it convenient to manoeuvre around. Take a walk in the park with your Bugaboo Bee 5 stroller and your dog! What a cute little outing~

Sun Rays

The extendable sun canopy is perfect for Summer countries all year round like Singapore. Just unzip the hidden zipper to extend the canopy further for a larger canopy extension. A fully extended canopy can cover 80% of the seat, perfect coverage during the morning walks. How useful is that!

Mummy, I miss you

This backrest has 4 reclining positions with the lowest angle similar to a bassinet. The one-hand feature makes it easy to adjust seat angle by simply pinching the white button found behind the seat and adjusting it to your preferred angle - perfect for naps, feeding, and sightseeings. 

The reversible seat also makes it convenient to switch the seat direction anytime to look at your baby (the best view👶🏻 on the planet)! To switch seat direction, simply recline the seat all the way forward, then remove the seat from the frame using 2 hands, flip the seat around and slot it into the stroller frame. You’re ready to go!


Your child can enjoy the ride from the comfort of their padded seat that grows with them. The comfortable seat design and cushion makes every outing a comfortable experience for your baby! The seat cover is also washable, so you don't have to worry about food spills.

Simply adjust the height of the Bugaboo Bee 5 seat when your child grows taller by slotting in your hand and pulling the seat upwards. This stroller grows with your child and gives the same amount of comfort at every stage. In addition, you can extend the seat base, which ensures good blood flow in the legs! By lifting the seat from the bottom and slotting in your hand, extend the seat base till their legs dangle nicely. What a special feature! 👍

Safety first

Safety is always our priority. The 5 point seatbelt harness ensures full support of the baby for the shoulders, arms, and crotch. Click the belts into the centre and release them by pressing the white button in the middle. This quick release saves you time when carrying your baby in and out of the stroller.

The wheels are made with durable foam-filled rubber tires, very sturdy for uneven surfaces. Along with the spring suspendable wheels, it cushions any bumpy surfaces you go over, ensuring a smoother ride for your baby. The four-wheel suspension also provides smooth steering and easy access to go around corners smoothly. Enjoy your day and take a nice stroll at the beach, reservoir or park with your baby today!

To lock the wheels, simply step on the white lever found in the middle of the 2 wheels to lock the back wheels, and push up the 2 white rings at the front wheels to lock them. 

Storage Basket

With an amazing capacity of 22 litres (max 4kg), it’s time to go shopping! Place your daily groceries at the basket as you shop, or place your diaper bag, baby snacks and food at the basket during strolls at the park! Oh...did I forget to mention you can place your dog inside too? 🐶

A Trusted and well-known brand by mothers around the world. Check out the number of hashtags #bugaboobee5 on Instagram, with 23,476 posts to date:

And of course not to forget the wonderful reviews left by our customers at Little Baby and Family:

Sold out







Thanks for reading till the end, every stroller was fantastic and unique in its own ways in helping us solve our modern-day needs. I hope this article has helped you in deciding on your best pick!

Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. How much does the stroller cost?

ANS:  Nuna Triv [SGD $1,199] - Click here to shop now

            Babyzen Yoyo2 [SGD $809] - Click here to shop now

            Bugaboo Bee 5 [SGD $1,149] - Click here to shop now


2. Age Limit of the stroller?

ANS: Usually we go by the weight limit of the stroller as every child's growth is different.

Nuna Triv- can be used from birth till 22kg.

Babyzen Yoyo2 - can be used from birth till 22kg.

Bugaboo Bee 5 - can be used from birth till 17kg.

3. Stroller Warranty?

ANS: Nuna Triv, 2 years local manufacturer warranty in Singapore when purchased from authorised sellers (Little Baby and Family).

Babyzen Yoyo2, 2 years local manufacturer warranty in Singapore when purchased from authorised sellers (Little Baby and Family).

Bugaboo Bee 5, 2+2 years warranty (4 years).


4. What accessories come together with the stroller?

ANS: Nuna Triv- Includes a car seat ring adapter for Nuna Pipa series (can be folded together with the stroller frame), a rain cover and a universal car seat adapter.

Babyzen Yoyo2 - All accessories that adapt to the YOYO+ can be adapted to the YOYO2. Accessories are sold separately.

Bugaboo Bee 5 - Accessories sold separately.


5. Where can I find the accessories?

ANS: You may check out Little Baby online store using the following links:

Nuna Triv- 

Babyzen Yoyo2 - 

Bugaboo Bee 5 - 


6. Can I hang items on the handlebar?

ANS: Nuna Triv- Yes

Babyzen Yoyo2 - As the Yoyo2 stroller is a highly recommended air travel stroller, it’s designed to be lightweight. You cannot hang items on the handlebar.

Bugaboo Bee 5 - Yes

*For heavy items such as bags, please place them in the basket compartment or purchase a storage bag as a separate accessory for the safety of the users.


7. What is the weight of the strollers?

ANS: Nuna Triv- 8.8 kg (+-)

Babyzen Yoyo2 - 6.2 kg (+-)

Bugaboo Bee 5 - 8.9 kg (+-)



The YOYO² stroller from birth. BABYZEN. (n.d.). Bugaboo Bee5 Classic Complete Special-Edition Stroller, Black/Grey Mélange - Compact, Foldable Stroller for Travel and Urban Life.


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