7 Ideas to Play and Learn at home

7 Ideas to Play and Learn at home

Jul 24, 2020Little Baby Editors
July 22, 2020

Learning while playing at home

Play is one of the most important ways to enable your child to learn - It allows your child to use their creativity while developing their imagination, cognitive and emotional skills.
In general, play will strengthen healthy brain development!

Here are 7 products, from Learning Boards to Walking Shoes, that are essential for your child as they grow.

With these products, it will help to make learning fun and engaging for your little one.

1. Noriterboard

Magnetic learning board to play, learn and draw

It is every child’s dream to have their own learning board. With our Noriterboard by Noriter Project, you can have fun teaching while playing through interaction with your child.

Noriterboard is designed and made in Korea. This magnetic board has a wooden frame which makes it very luxurious and fitted in any of your room decorations.

It also comes with accessories to facilitate your child’s learning experience.
Noriterboard Singapore & Malaysia is available in different colours - Pink, Ivory, Blue, Beige (two-tone) and sizes - Medium, Large.

Each purchase is paired with a free magnetic eraser and three board markers in different colours.

Safety is the most important concern for kids who use products. Noriterboard uses POSCO’s steel and laminated PET which makes the board durable, easy to erase and write on.

It is also certified by KCL (Korean Conformity Laboratories) and passed the harmful element test, physical test, etc.

To have extra fun with your child, the brand has a wide variety of accessories for you to add on, such as colourful crayon for whiteboard and whiteboard markers.

These high-quality markers come in 12 vivid colours for your child to draw whatever they imagine. It is so easy to erase that can be done on the wet wipes, dry towels, or even hands! These markers are Certified by EU certification standard - CE (Safety) and AP (Non Poisonous) so you can be assured that it is safe for your kids.

It has also themed magnets for use on the Noriterboard. With these magnets, you can form words or math equations while exposing your child to the alphabets and numbers.

Why Noriterboard?
✓ Top Choice of Educational Board in Singapore
✓ Premium Quality and Workmanship
✓ Certified Safe for Children

2. Designskin Play Sofa

A dreamy space for kid's creativity

Ever dreamt of having a play slide or table and chair but concern about the space constraints?

Now you can have both! With the Designskin Play Sofa, you can convert the playset however you wish, according to your child’s needs. It is so compacted when folded that

it can be stored neatly in a rectangular form when unused.

This is a transformable set, for children aged 1 to 5 years old. You can use it as a play slide for the toddler to enable their motor skill and balance skill. It can also be converted into a table and sofa for older children.

This playset is made of premium PU Memorial Fabric and high-density compressed air cell pad. The air cell cushion is produced by Designskin by using the compression set process that reduces noise by maintaining a fine layer between floors.

It has excellent durability and is soft to the touch. To ensure the best safety, Designskin uses PU fabric without toluene or DMF pollutants.

Designskin products are certified by various safety institutions

Designskin safety certificaion

and won many awards for Designskin products

Designskin awards

To enjoy the playset with your kids, you can take off the Velcro on each side to make an exciting slide that is great for building muscle development while playing. It is safe to hit as the playset is made of solid internal material.

When your kids are older and ready to study, you can transform the playset into a wide table.
Pull out the stool to make a chair and attach Velcro to make a table. Have some snacks while reading there!

It is essential to educate your child to sit in an upright position from young. You can lay the playset down to convert it into a safe infant sofa that eases parents’ worries of falling from either side.

Why Designskin Play Sofa?
✓ Safe for kids
✓ Transformable
✓ Easy storage
✓ Fun - Exciting indoor play area

3. Designskin Cake Sofa

Transformable table sofa or playground

A pure design brand from South Korea created to bring joy to children through the transformable design that could make their creativity and dreams come true. The Cake Sofa by Designskin is not only created for its function but also involves transformation and utilization as it comes with multiple transformation functions.

To make sure your child has the right habit from young, infant sofa is not an option but a necessity. It develops important living habits that can help them to get the right posture since childhood.

The Cake Sofa comes with a little bumper function that can be used for infants.

What are some extra ways to have fun with the Cake Sofa?

Transformable sofa for kids

Safe to play

Give the best to your child with safe products. Designskin Cake Sofa has been through the reassuring process. PU manufacturing process includes a lot of compound testing, to minimize harmful substances through the high heat treatment and passed the enhanced test of volatile organic compounds. There is no detection of volatile organic compounds.

Why Designskin Cake Sofa?
✓ Safe to play
✓ Multi-purpose / transformable
✓ Fun - Exciting indoor play area

4. Liku Educational Bumper Mat

Magnetic learning board to play, learn and draw

The Liku Mat consists of 5 basic mats designed to suit any decor, and an educational mat incorporating special learning activities in a variety of special specifications.

Liku Mat has been proven safe, passing all tests for hazardous substances including eight heavy metals, six plasticizer, organism compound and seven volatile organic compounds. They are made of highly shock-absorbent PVC , thus providing a safe space for children to run around to their heart’s content.

Educational Mat + 6 posters + a sound pen to learn with contents such as ABC, Phonics, Numbers, Day of week, Stories, Quizzes, Songs, Lullabies

With over 3000 educational content on the mat, it includes special learning activities for children from the ages 0 to 7, which is a critical period for language acquisition to pick up languages naturally through playing. The Liku Sound Pen included is used for your kids to play by pressing on the Edu Mat, comes in 6 different languages.

For example, when the Pen is placed in the Japanese flag, it introduces information about Japan and plays the national anthem of Japan.

Why Liku Edu Mat?
✓ Learning various contents with 6 different languages
✓ Sound pen helps kids to self-learn
✓ Can be used as bumper mat

5. Pongga Baby & Parents Walking Shoes

Skin-to-face emotional communication with kid

Pongga walking shoes

Pongga Walking Shoes promote communication with your child through skin-to-face emotional communication with educational effect.

Having colour therapy feature, the shoes come in orange - provides emotional stability, and yellow - gives delight for the child.

What’s even more interesting is the baby shoes can rotate a full 360 degrees, placing against a parent.

Walk with your child to give them a sense of security

Pongga Walking Shoes uses eco-friendly EVA material that softens and mitigates impact.
EVA is a soft material that protects the sensitive skin of the child, and shock-free.

Why Pongga Shoes?
✓ Strengthen emotional bond with your baby
✓ Available anytime, anywhere
✓ Convenient to use and storage
✓ Excellent educational effect
✓ Environmentally-friendly materials
✓ Encouragement of active physical activity

6. Designskin Transformational Bumper Mat

An excellent durability bumper bed for nap, sleep and play!

With the Designskin Bumper Mat, you no longer have to spend the extra cost because this is not a regular Bumper Mat - It can be transformed into a bed and a playard too!

It is important to have a bumper guard to keep babies safe while slipping and crawling, also helps on body upgrowth by serving as a support for a child learning to stand up.

The Designskin Bumper Mat can be used for a long time, over its exceptional durability and anti-noise function that is suitable for newborn babies up till early childhood.

It is the perfect space for your baby to stay for a long time and to make them feel emotionally comfortable and cosy. The Bumper Mat has a spacious and semi-open design so that it is convenient for mom to take care of the baby.

Safe design for baby

Safety is a priority concern of baby bed. The optimal 5cm thickness is to guard and support your child better.

The front and back sides are double treated to maximise stability with 10cm

Stairs & Slide for more fun

To have extra fun, we recommend Stairs&Slide by Designskin which complement the Bumper Mat.

It is detachable and makes the whole indoor playground experience a fun place for your child.

Why Designskin Bumper Bed?
✓ Bumper guard for greater safety
✓ Can be used from newborn till early childhood
✓ Semi-open design - convenient for mom
✓ Excellent durability

7. DrawnBy: Jessica Washable Mat

Keep the digital device away!

Image only for illustration purposes

DrawnBy: Jessica is a lovingly created brand that hopes to bring you and your family enjoyment away from the screens, be creative and imaginative together!
This is a Washable Silicone Mats specially for your kids.

With the colourful markers, you can reuse the mat with easily recognisable designs and have fun with your child by teaching them about so many things.

It carry up to 14 different themes for you to choose from: namely Animal, Vegetables and even Singapore edition, showing all the notable landmarks of our little island.

While you are on your adventure, you have nothing to worry about. The Washable Mat is easy to clean so that even your kids can do it themselves. Simply grab a wet tissue to wipe the colours off for endless fun.

The mat also comes with multiple certification to ensure you and your children are safe from toxic chemicals and other elements. As of 2019, it is fully certified by TUV SUD PSB in Singapore for passing the EU criteria for the EN71-3 (heavy metals) and phthalate standards.

The DrawnBy: Washable Mat is made of food grade silicone, yet soft to the touch and thin enough to fold for easy storage in your bags for the move. The Mats are heat tolerant (up to 220°C) and can be used as dinner-time entertainment while your child is waiting for the food. It is also dishwasher safe too.

Extra: Caraz Dinosaur Baby Slide

Transform into infant sofa or baby slide~

Get fun with your own indoor playground baby slide 🦕

Baby slide might took up the baby room space so Caraz makes it transformable into a baby chair, with adjustable height for different age! Also a good idea for easy storage because it become smaller in size after transforming into a chair!

Best for kids 1-3 years.

Caraz is a well-known brand in Korea making high quality baby products such as playpen and bumper mat with affordable pricing!

Little Baby & Family

Little Baby & Family hope that you find a thing or two useful, to play with your child while being stuck at home during this pandemic.

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