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‘Little Tyro’ is the creation of Melbourne based teacher Louise Hedley. As Primary School teacher, Louise has been doing what she loves for over thirteen years. During this time, she has combined classroom teaching with other specialist roles including; Literacy co-ordinator, reading recovery teacher and mentor to teachers and tertiary students in training. From these experiences, Louise was inspired to create a range of children’s educational toys called ‘Little Tyro…growing busy minds.’The word ‘Tyro’ is of Latin origin meaning a ‘beginner in learning.’ It was born out of a passion and love of teaching  and a desire to help set children up for success at school by providing exposure to key Literacy and Numeracy concepts through the use of specifically designed children’s educational toys.

Catering to all preschool and early school-age learners, Little Tyro improves school readiness with a range of children’s educational toys, games and activities that are fun, stylish and play-based. All products help to build confidence in preschoolers, and prepare them for school. They also act as an excellent support during early school years and have been specifically designed to support key Literacy and Numeracy School Curriculum Objectives of all States.

Louise continues to share her talent and passion for teaching as well as caring for her two beautiful boys.

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