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Little Tyro Literacy Essentials Pack

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Little Tyro Literacy Essentials Pack

Support your child’s early learning and school readiness with this beautifully designed ‘Literacy Essentials Pack.’

Consisting of five Literacy childrens educational toys, this pack aims to build confidence and prepare children for school. All five products have been selected and designed to target the key objectives of the early years school Litearcy curriculum. As such this pack provides the fountations for all school starters.

The products are all packaged in a gorgeous ‘designer’ blue or pink carry case. This product is an essential for all young learners.

Literacy Essentials Pack contains:

Alphabet Match and Play
Pre-Writing Patterning Cards
Magnetic ‘Big Top’ Circus
Reading Spinners
Text Types
Carry Case

Learning Opportunities:

Expands Alphabet recognition.
Helps develop Writing skills.
Promotes enjoyment of Reading.
Promotes confidence in Speaking and Listening.
Familiarises young learners with Book Orientation.
Helps develop Creativity and Imagination.

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