Sleepytot Bunny – The Baby Comforter That Has Helped Thousands of Babies and Toddlers To Settle and Be Happy.

Sleepytot began back in 2006 when new mum Lucy’s first baby, Laurie, was born. On the steepest learning curve of her life, she was getting to grips with parenthood and teaching Laurie to sleep through the night. All seemed to be going well until Laurie reached about 5 months old, and she was suddenly faced with the dreaded dummy runs.
Other than the fact that he needed Lucy to locate the dummy for him every time he woke (about 5 times a night!) things were beginning to fall into place and Lucy could see that Laurie was sleeping well and feeling safe and secure in his world.
Not strong enough to jump in with two feet and remove the dummy, Lucy set about creating a solution which would mean Laurie could use his soother independently. He needed something soft and loveable that was perfectly safe, that was easy for him to hold, and that she could attach dummies to, but also take them off to wash and replace easily. And of course it needed to be machine washable!
A long search for what she was looking for proved that there was nothing available to solve her problem and so Lucy set about creating her own product… and Sleepytot was born.
Sleepytot is owned and managed by Julie and Jon from Mini Moo & Co Ltd, (who have experienced plenty of sleepless nights!) and our aim is to ensure that the Sleepytot Bunny helps children and tired parents all over the world sleep soundly through the night.
We receive lots of pictures and testimonials to reassure us that Sleepytot is working hard. Take a look at our Star of the Blog posts to see lots of happy and very cute babies and toddlers from around the globe!
What's so special about me?
  1. I can hold onto cot bars and buggy straps
  2. I have Velcro paws that hold onto things to help baby sleep
  3. I’m a perfect pillow for little heads on changing tables
  4. I stop soothers getting lost by holding on to them
Little Baby is an exclusive distributor for Sleepytot in Singapore.
Product from United Kingdom.


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